She Was So Exhausted

Here’s my little monster love bug, exhausted after the movie yesterday. When we arrived home she immediately ask for a milk in a feeding bottle, wish I could train her now to do not use a feeding bottle when she drink her milk because she is turning two years old soon.

I am also having a hard time of training her to pooh in the toilet bowl, I haven’t tried the pee training though, when her eldest sister was at her age, she learned those at early age, like she stopped drinking milk in a bottle before she was 1 year old, she can pee at least if its daytime at the comfort room, and she can tell me before she would pooh and or sometimes she would go directly at the CR to pooh.

I think I have to stop Faith wearing a diaper so she would learn where’s the proper place to do those things, for feeding bottle geez I have no idea.


  1. my sons never stopped bottlefeeding until they reach 6 years old. ann why don't you buy that potty container for your baby it will help.

  2. If you stop having her use a diaper she might just start having accidents… does she have a pattern of when she usually pees/poos? You can start by having her wear pull-ups, then at the approximate time that she's supposed to pee/poo, take her to the CR or to her potty, have her sit until she goes…

    goodluck with potty training and having her use her sippy cup!

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  3. Laki na ni Faith, baby pa lang sya when I started visiting/reading your blog, but look at her now, big girl na sya talaga. 🙂

  4. Alex is 2.5 years old and she's still in bottle, although kapag mga juice eh sa cup na. Kapag matutulog lang naman si Alex nag bo bote, it helps her drink more milk. I practice mo sa sippy cup. Regarding potty, naku si Alex eh naka diaper pa rin ga ngayon. may potty chair siya, kapag may kapatid siyang guamgamit ng banyo, ayun nakikisabay siya, pero kapag siya lang mag isa ayaw naman, soon as they are ready, they will potty sa toilet. Si Wrozlie eh over 3 na ng mag start umebak sa toilet.

  5. thanks for the info liz hehehe I want her kasi to be like her sister. Si mj she is not bottle feeding anymore before she was one year old

  6. we share the same sentiment. Kaitlyn is 26 months old and she is getting more attached to her baba(bottle) weaning her from her pacifier was easy but its going to be a war when its time to wean her from her bottle. She does not like the sippy cup. Im potty training her though, seems not to work coz she still poops in her pull ups and then tell me she did poopy. at least its a start I guess that she tells me she does poopy

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