Yesterday, I was so looking forward that I could pay my obligations, I already planned for my day to come out with so much accomplishments. But I was disappointed when it came out for nothing, though yeah I was able to accomplished one and that was to go to the Kumon to talk to Mj’s teacher regarding her performance.

After the Kumon, I went to the agency to get the money that my husband wired for me, I thought I could do all the stuff, first was when I went to the bank to deposit some of the money for my savings, I am so looking ahead I could withdraw it in due time to buy the things I have in mind. Then I went to the insurance company to pay my contributions I didn’t expect the line was so queue that even I already ate my lunch right after I got my number, it was still too beyond to have my number called, the number they were calling was 445 to 455 and my number is 85 yet, geez I still have to go to my other insurance for my contributions as well. When it was nearly 3:00 p.m., and my number still hasn’t called, I gave out my number to the old woman seated beside me and went outside since I still have to fetch Mj at school to send her to Kumon and I have to meet her carpool so I could pay them but it was already quarter of four and I still not in school, I am still waiting for the Jeepney to be loaded so I decided to take a taxi cab but wait I guess I was really tested yesterday because all the taxi are full, I have to cross to the other street near a hotel so I could get one. I arrived at their school around 5:00 p.m., and the carpool was not there anymore, good thing Mj did not forgot her schedule to the Kumon and did not join the carpool.

So my day yesterday was wasted, none of my bills was paid off, I still have to wait until Monday to pay them. Grrrr!


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