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The Love I Have Chosen

“Even if you get belly and go bald, I am still going to love you because it’s not a love I need to feel but it is a love that I have chosen”

Have you feel insecurities to your partner, let’s say when you meet her hunk ex boyfriend have you ever wishes that you got his stunning biceps or his too toned body built? I guess you might as feel as it seems you don’t deserve her because she deserves a man who got an awesome physical beauty but don’t you know that even you had the most non appealing figure, have you reconsider the thought, that your wife might not need those physical attractions because in you, she already have everything in life?

For sure, many of us wanted to be love like that, like there’s no one else but you, even you line up all the celebrities in the world, even you are in the last line, she still choose you because you have that kind of love that nobody can offer, you have that kind of love she wanted to feel throughout her life.

But you don’t need to be married to be love like that, of course no! Your love life is not supposed to kick in until you found someone special, sad to say but it is not the way you think it to be because even now you already have one and that is when you meet the Great lover of your soul is the very moment you found your one true love. Who Am I am referring to? Well, no other than Jesus, put him in the center of your life and everything else will follow and that includes the man, who may not be perfect but the one whom GOD prepares for you

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