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How To Cope With Jealousy

Let’s admit it that when a baby was born in your family, the father get jealous, especially when it’s his first time to experience to have one, of course you don’t like the feeling and wanted to overcome the feeling immediately, well you don’t have to worry because this is but normal, although this is a serious issue toward your relationship to the baby and to your wife.

I have read an article regarding this matter and I came up with these steps:

  • Talk to your wife about it, you should tell your feelings as honestly as possible, you should speak out regarding how you feel out in the open.

It is not easy though, you might get worried of how your partner would react to the situation. She might think you are just so sensitive and that she would just ignore it, after all you supposed to be supportive right?

Anyhow, to bury your jealousy won’t help as well, it might ruin with your relationship to your new born baby and the worst would be a marriage break up. It would also lead to resentment, to experience your fatherhood.

  • You might as well talk to your friends who has kids, and asked them how they were able to cope up with it, they might be able to help you with your feelings and will give you some factors to established yourself with the baby, it surely get better when you would give yourself a chance to get to know your baby by playing with him or changing his diaper and all that.
  • Go out in a date with your wife and a walk or so, you might as well bond with your baby, cuddling him or taking him for a walk with his carrier or feed the baby could help you also.

Giving enough time and sharing the routine with your wife to nurture with your baby, could help the baby be independent with your wife, and you won’t have nearly as much to be jealous about, in that way, you could carved a strong relationship with both your wife and your baby.

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