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He Thought For An Ezy Roller

Before Christmas, Terry thought to buy Faith an Ezy Roller but because of the money we spent during our wedding last year, he thought we could save more if he would send me money instead and just buy the toys here, but damn, I could not find the toys that my husband wanted to give to our little love bug, so I instead bought something else for her.

On the other hand, Mj was having a hard time of what to give to her teacher, so right after her advance tutorial for Math, we dropped by at the mall and proceeded to the gift section, in that way she could think of any gifts that her teacher would possibly like, we came up of giving her teacher a personalized pillowcases. When she gave it during their Christmas Party, her teacher was so glad and amazed with the pillowcase we gave her.

Among the gifts that my kids received during the holiday, Faith adored her toy piano that she received from her Godparents, that even she was not well at that time when they came over for a visit a day after Christmas, she stormed out the bedroom and greeted her Godparents, she also received a pair of pants and pretty dresses from Sister Irenie. My eldest daughter was happy enough with the mini palace, I and Terry gave her, she also received 100 bucks from my cousin, 150 bucks from my friend Analyn and 200 bucks from her Godmother Clarinda, even though she had a lot of money last year, she never forgot to put half of the money on her piggy bank.

So folks since it is getting late and I guess I already laid down to you all the precious toys of my kids, I think it’s time for my nap time, Faith is bugging me here already and told me to spread the nap mat on her bed, so she could go to her wonderland already. Goodnight everyone!

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