We Visited A Friend

Our electricity bill is about to due so I have to go out to downtown to pay for it, when we were on our way we dropped by at my friend in the hotel so for us to see her baby boy, yes our dear friend Clarinda has already delivered a healthy baby boy.

We were able to talk a lot of things; I can’t wait for the thanksgiving she will be given by this month. Her husband is here so that adds to the celebration. Her baby will be baptized soon after they leave maybe after four months, they will be together with her husband in Texas.

My other friend will have an interview this month to be with her fiancée in Georgia, whew! Almost my friends are going away now, I am not sure when will we meet again, maybe when they have the chance to visit us here in two years, but even so I am so happy for them. Go go girls!


  • Dhemz

    wow dami mo pala friendship na nag asawa ng foreigner mami…ako when I was in the PI…wala ko friends na naa asawa foreigner….lol!

    don't worry sure one of these days…kamo nasad ang moari dire sa US….good luck!

    salamat tuod sa dalaw…glad to be here!

  • Selina

    Hi gurl just visiting here, murag kablo ko kinsa ang moadto sa Georgia ai! lol, ok lang na gurl just remember everything happens for a reason. I love you gurl.

  • anne

    hehehe hi dhemz clarinda was my pal even before and the other one is my friend from when I was working at the call center hehehe, ok lang din sabi nga ni selina everything happens for a reason lol

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