We Will Go Out Today

Faith’s cough is still so hard, I already gave her a medicine for it but she’s still coughing especially when she sleeps at night.

So today is Faith’s day, I might also send her to the Wonderland where she could play a lot of toys, after her appointment to her pedia, I am sure she would be happy with it. Well, she always love to go out that’s why when I would go out alone I have to passed by at the back door so that she could not see me out of the house otherwise I could see a lot of tears and could hear her loud cry.

Folks I have to go now and prepare myself so we could go home early today. Bye bye for now!

One Response to “We Will Go Out Today”

  1. eden says:

    I hope Faith's cough will get better soon. Same also here, cough and colds ang mga sakit because of the change of weather.