Top 10 EC Dropper for the Month of November

Faith got a high fever last night until early dawn and she was clingy early this morning, Terry was worried about her condition, she doesn’t want me to put her down so I have to get away from the computer for a little while to attain her. She doesn’t even want sister Irenie to carry her, all she wants was her Mom until after an hour when she took her medicines, she started going around the living room and showing her Tita about what she read.

Sister Merlyn arrived so after she ate her breakfast, she puts Faith to sleep and that I have time now to blog hop and to show my gratitude to all my Entrecard droppers for this month, they are the following:

2 thoughts on “Top 10 EC Dropper for the Month of November

  1. oh my…kalouy sad sa imong Faith sis…sos woi…kani laging mag sakit atong anak kay maka guol…hope she feels better now….

    congrats sa mga naka apas sa top 10….lol!

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