Starting To Buy Some Gifts

I supposed not to buy one today but my niece message me this afternoon when I was out to pay my contribution at SSS and Pag ibig, if she could follow me wherever I was, so I told her to meet me at SM. I don’t have any problem with giving the kids their gifts since they only want one and those are toys but with teenagers they wanted some specifics, like a nice shirt or a trendy pants so I would let her choose what she wants and I just wrapped it so she could have it on Christmas.

For Moreen I might buy her a shirt just like Mariel or jeans, Moreen is not as picky as Mariel so I could choose what gift would I buy her definitely it is also something that is not outdated, I know girls are so up to the latest style so I am sure she would love what will I give her.

One thought on “Starting To Buy Some Gifts

  1. waaaaaaaaaaaa…maau paka diha dear kay nag shopping naka for xmas gifts…ako tawon wapa jud…mingaw kaau among tree kay wala pay gifts…lol!

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