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My Dad’s Brother

He dies last 27th of this month, we were all very sad when we knew it yesterday, we wanted to go to our province but it would be too late since his remain will bury today. Not to mention, that it is dangerous to travel nowadays and the place where my uncle resides is not that safe, more often than not I have to keep my kids secure, so I and my sister Irenie agreed to just send a money to my relatives there, I know it is not enough but we have no choice otherwise we will be spending our new year in the road.

I cannot imagine he died so suddenly, our first and last talk was on September this year when I tried to invite him to come to my wedding and wanted him to be my escort, but due to some reasons he was not able to come, I saw him last after 21 years was when our other uncle died, his brother, when I looked to his eyes that time, I know he was weary since he is the only one alive from his siblings, he was the youngest of four. I live with his family when my Father died, I was only 10 years old at that time, my life with his family was not that great and he is the only one whom I can speak of, his wife nagged me always but I prolong my patience as at the time, they were the one who send me to school, though out of my endeavor at his place, taught me to be strong, they had given me wisdom about life at the very young age.

Anyway, my uncle died and we haven’t given any chance to talk or to spend our time together after how many years of not seeing him, I know he wanted to come to my wedding but sometimes the river of life won’t always flows the way we wanted it to be, most of the time it goes to other direction.

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