House Hunt

Finally, when we roam around the village today, we were able to find one house for rent; it’s near at our house now. It is just that the house is located in Phase 2, maybe few blocks away.

I hope to transfer by next month, Mj is happy to know we will be putting up our family of our own. I can’t wait to see inside the house though; all we know is that it has a three bedrooms.

Anyway, let me thank Honey for letting me search for a house and letting me to move out from my sister’s, I know he is worried that we would be alone and he is not there, with GOD guidance I know we will be alright.

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  1. it would be fun to have a new house, that would create a big space and privacy sa mga kids and sa imuha pud… Well you sisters can visit naman diba?

  2. hehehe of course haze but the problem is walang internet kasi smart bro wont put an antennae if its more than 20 feet wahhh eh 30.5 tong antennae namin eh wahhhh

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