Renting A House

There are times that I really want to have a quiet moment, but how could I when the kids are running around and are so noisy. Faith is still sleeping and Mj is having breakfast and I just got a headache, geeez I want to go to back to bed to lie down and maybe sleep some more.

I am thinking to rent a house and live separately from my sister’s family, I want the kids to have their own room and that I could spend only with them the whole day. I want to clean the house with no other kids bugging to spread all the toys in the floor. But my concern is I have to buy our own things and I can’t afford to buy those at one time.

Wahhh, I am confused which one to prioritize by next year, I hope we could accomplish at least one of those next month. I am hoping my husband would apply us a visa by next month, if he would do that I might set the idea aside of renting a place for us.

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