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Couple’s Corner : Unforgettable Christmas

Well, I guess as we are still apart for now and I don’t have anything to share about the unforgettable Christmas with him yet, I might just share to you the video that my husband created for all of us.
But before that, on the second thought I might just want to share to you, the first time I know it was Christmas. Way back when I was just a little kid, my friends was unstoppable asking me to join them for caroling but my Father did not let me so I stuck at home. It was 24th night of December, I think it was 10 or 11 p.m., at that time, when I heard frequent loud fire crackers outside our house, I thought it’s the end of the world, I thought there’s a war and that we need to hide. When I check on my sides my sisters were not there, my Father is in the other room and I thought to get up to warned him that there is a war going on outside. But I was so scared to stand up; I was worried of my sisters, where the hell are them? Don’t they know there’s a war and that we need to hide somewhere? Good thing, that I heard my Dad footsteps, checking on me, I called him immediately and was sobbing, he asked me what happen. I answered I guess there are many people got killed outside, when would they stop? My Father laugh silently and he said that it was only fire crackers because any moment from now, the world would celebrate the day when Christ was born, what the ??? is there any way we could celebrate it quietly, I mean not making me this scared at least, then I heard my sister laughs approaching our home and greeted us in the doorstep “Merry Christmas”

Yeah, I miss my Dad, so terribly missed him and that was one of my unforgettable Christmas with him. Anyway just click here for the video that my husband made for us.

I apologize for not following the rule of this Meme, I know it is for husband and I moment but because I can’t share to you yet of it, I hope this would still count as my entry today.

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  • Mom of Four

    Anne, that was a great story, although it wasn't with your hubby (since you haven't celebrated Christmas with him), it was still a funny Christmas story. Wahahaha, war? I wanted also to share some Christmas stories with my father, you know, hanging his socks with holes then he puts candies inside..but, I shared something with my hubby in it.

    Thanks for joining with us this week. Merry Christmas to you, Mj, Faith and the rest of your family.

  • anne

    Hi Liz hehehe wala na kasi akong maisip eh gusto kong sumali lol and since I thought he is the best husband in the world for my mom and the best dad for me I guess theres nothing wrong to share the moemnts with him lol

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