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The Greatest Tale To Tell

I am so tired but I was so happy with my eldest daughter’s event today, they were able to portray the right message and the greatest tale to tell. The kids were so cute especially the kinder, they dance so graceful even though yes, they did not dance altogether, some kids danced ahead and some were late, some was a bit confused of what they were doing. On the other hand Mj and her co dancers were so cute with their crown in their heads and their dresses and oh the stunning hair do, I was so proud of her.

But geezz the Seraphinie or did I spell it right? I am not sure, but he act so natural, I guess he is already a fourth year high school student, he portrays a not so bad but he keeps on complaining his life, it was so boring and all that. So God sent him to the earth where he should search a great tale to tell, he did not like it but he has no choice but to obey the GOD Almighty, he had come to a lot of fairy tales, love stories, heroes, family until he came to the time when Mother Mary and Joseph were looking for a place to stay over night as Mother Mary will about to deliver the Almighty Jesus soon, Seraphinie did help them and he even ask GOD to help him, he knows he cannot go back anymore to heaven because his time is almost up to search for another tale to tell, nevertheless he need to help this couple who are looking for a house so she could deliver the baby. Until Seraphinie got an idea and that was a manger, sure it is not a house but at least the baby could rest, then later he realized that the baby who was just born is the Messiah, His Messiah, the savior of all human kinds and the one who sacrifice himself so to save us.

Seraphinie realized that the greatest tale to tell is when the day Jesus Christ was born, Merry Christmas to all of you!

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