College Days

I Made It

When I was in college, I thought I could never compete to all the students who have taken Business Accounting, as I never like numbers when I was still in High school. But I was surprised because I made it and I was even got the highest score in our exams than the other students, I was really so confused about how did I do it, while I got the terrible lowest score during High school days.

Until our guidance office offered us a test, the test was about which career would fit us and which course should we take as our major. I got interested with the test so I took and right there and then I found out why I was able to cope with the accounting subjects, and it was only because of my interests, if my interest is high enough for me to be determined to achieve my goal, regardless how hard it is, that won’t be a problem for me because I absolutely will going to make it.

From then on, I pursued the Accounting course even I have to sleep late and wake up so early, that doesn’t matter to me at all, I enjoyed what I was doing and I never get tired of solving the problem that our teacher gave us, and when I get the financial statement balance, it was a mere success for me.

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