PB Weekend # 10: Christmas Party

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It’s Mj’s Christmas party last Friday, the Mom is so busy fixing things for the party, her carpool arrived so early so we were not able to join them to the school instead I rented a tricycle for us to get there. Mj was so excited, it’s her first Christmas party for that school, she joined the games and all but sad she did not win yet she still have a prize because she was able to get two candies when the Teacher pour some candies to the kids.

Games during the party

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  1. at first she seemed like she doesnt want to join because of the PSP that her classmate is playing, he let her borrowed after and she doesnt like to miss the fun of the game but right after she was done playing with the PSP she went running and told her teacher she would like to join the Stop dancing and the trip to jerusalem lol

  2. it surely looks like MJ enjoyed her first christmas party…

    happy holidays sis!

    i hope u can visit my blogs too..

    see u!

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