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Couple’s Corner: Shopping Galore

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Even before I met my husband, I shop clothes only if there’s occasion, I shop shoes if my other shoes cannot be use anymore, I shop bag if my bag has damaged. I shop for Mj only seldom and that is when birthday’s and Christmas, when she asks me something, a toy perhaps, I always told her to wait, I never buy her toys whenever she likes, she would always wait for the right time. But my favorite spot in the mall is the grocery, every pay day I would always shop for food at home, I get things in budget and oftentimes I had my calculator on hand.

When Terry and I met and or after the marriage, I still seldom bought things for myself, as I could recall, I only have one new blouse this year and recently the phone, well except for the wedding, mostly I bought things for my kids. So my husband never ceased me of surprises, like the mini laptop on mother’s day, the magic sing for the wedding and the cell phone for Christmas, I know those were only little but the thoughts, that I always counted.

Thrifty, that’s what my friends always quoted me, well I know it sounds weird but I am really fond of saving a little amount in my bank.


  • Mom of Four

    Maymga tao talagang di mahilig mag shopping, pareho kau ni hubby ko, kugnkelan sira na ang mga gamit niya saka lang siya bibili.

    I don't buy toys for my kids, pero minsan sa mga dollar store, binibilhan ko, kasi sinisira lang naman. Buti ka nga at lagi kang sinu surprise ni Terry, hehehe, ako kasi hindi, wahhhh! Kapg mother na talaga, puro sa mga anak na. Most of my purses eh regalo na lang, di na rin ako bumibili ng shoes, unless na sa Ukay, hay..buhay nga naman.. sa food kasi ako mahilig, kugn ano ang gusto ng mga anak ko, yuna ng binibili ko talaga.

  • texas_sweetie

    wow grabi na jud ka ka frugal day as in. naa pud kay point maau pa makaon paliton busog pa tiyan. you'll have more surprises from him when u two live together na. ikaw pud ma spoiled kay lagi ihatag man tanan sa bana imo wishes hehe.. and eventually, you'll learn to love purses and shoes too… hmmppp bongga man gud kaau ilang mga sale dri babay kay murag panghatag nila ang item mao na ma agni jud ka mopalit…

  • Clarissa

    Same here—iba na talaga ang priorities pag meron ng pamilya.Okay lang ang maging thrifty,marami namang laman sa banko!!^_^

    Happy CC!!^_^

  • anne

    Hi Mommy Liz hahaha if alam kung paano hahanap ng magandang ukay ukay I am sure I would visit it oftentimes kaso lang nd talaga ako marunong mamili grrr

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