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A Stressful Day

Just so hectic today first I have to send Mj to the Kumon for an hour session then at 12:30, p.m., they had a final rehearsal for their play that will be held on 22nd this month, I was really tired as that but we have to shop for her stuff and her gift for her manito.

In as much as I really wanted to just go home after shopping; I just can’t because I have to drop by at my sister store to load the rice in a taxi cab. On our way I thought I could just relax immediately at home but geez the traffic is so long and were stuck in one spot for 15 to 30 minutes. It has been a stressful day but what made me more stressed is that I still could hear either Mj or Faith coughing, they already done with the cough medication but until now they still suffer for it, will I send them to their pedia and get another dosage of antibiotic again? I am so confused though as I am worried of the side effects that my kids will be getting from it.


  • The Beauty Within

    usually, pedia will advise to go with antibiotics for 7days then ask you to be back after that…for them to check kids, if they did better or for them to give you another set of meds…

    Hope they'll get better soon Anne, uso jud na run…and it's viral…^_^

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