Router Issue

Just like what I posted on Little World of Fun account, I really had a hard time of figuring out what happen to my router yesterday, it didn’t just connect. Then I suddenly remember of resetting it so it would go back to default setting, I thought it is just so simple but gee I have to wait for more seconds to finally reset it.

After I push the button at the back of my D Link DIR 300, I went to the homepage of D Link since I could no longer find my manual and the CD of my router. I just follow the instructions then after two hours my D Link function well, but wait my agony did not end there yet, because my mini laptop could not picked up a signal from my router so I have to reboot it again and type the in my browser. I review all the necessary procedure to broadcast the signal and then there it was I just have to set up the wireless once again after the Internet set up.

Geez, it was nearly 12:00 a.m., when I finished the router issue.

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  1. mao mao man lagi tag kaagi aning ka routeran nato oi makalagot raba ug interrupted tas internet sa?

    tuod, about me nidaot, didto ko ni lost weight sugod nga nag work mi dri sa balay bisan kato wapa mi kabalhin kay kapoy kau, work mi long hours for the first few weeks dayon kapoy na d na ganahan mokaon. laina oi paspas kau ko ni hugo.

    ako mga gagmitoy kau nga clothes before pregnancy kay nangasulod na balik asta jeans, LUAG PA JUD saon?? balik naku ka wangkig

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