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Router Issue

Just like what I posted on Little World of Fun account, I really had a hard time of figuring out what happen to my router yesterday, it didn’t just connect. Then I suddenly remember of resetting it so it would go back to default setting, I thought it is just so simple but gee I have to wait for more seconds to finally reset it.

After I push the button at the back of my D Link DIR 300, I went to the homepage of D Link since I could no longer find my manual and the CD of my router. I just follow the instructions then after two hours my D Link function well, but wait my agony did not end there yet, because my mini laptop could not picked up a signal from my router so I have to reboot it again and type the in my browser. I review all the necessary procedure to broadcast the signal and then there it was I just have to set up the wireless once again after the Internet set up.

Geez, it was nearly 12:00 a.m., when I finished the router issue.


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