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I used to be a jealous person before with my exes, and I know if I felt that way we never get succeeded with the relationship, I don’t know but maybe it is just my instinct told me so that we never meant to each other. When I and Terry met and we pursued the relationship into something real, I never felt to be jealous anymore and for me that was a sign that he is already the one whom God sent.

And I am sure enough he never get jealous with somebody else, not to mention that I don’t have guy’s friend well I had some but they were all married and most of all even he is not around I don’t go party’s or gimmick at night. I only go out at night when friends are inviting me out and he knows them, I don’t also stay out late I wish I would so to divert my attention to some other things and not bugging him to apply our visa as soon as possible, although I know what are the reasons why he is prolonging for us to apply for it. Well, I guess he could not blame me for that because I just want us to be together as a family. I mean the kids are growing so fast and he missed the every chance of witnessing them of learning new things especially Faith.

Being jealous is really not a healthy gesture in a relationship, the best advice when you feel that way, you should tell your predicaments to your partner so to avoid a serious fight that would lead to misunderstanding and worst, separation.

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  1. Yup, you are right indeed, jealousy is not good, it can lead to misunderstanding and separation. Ganonl ang naman diba? kung ano ang gusto ng partner mo, then yun ang gawin mo, compromise, saka, yung kung ano ang nararamdaman mo eh sabihin mo sa iyong spouse, para kung anuman ang problema, magawan ng solusyon,. Lahat naman eh nagagawan ng paraan. Hopefully, makakuha na kayo ng visa, para makapunta na kau dito sa US, that way, magkakasama na kaung lahat. Goodluck!

  2. I agree…being a jelousy person is not really good becuase it will maybe results into fight or something that we didn't want to be happen.

    I am a very jelousy type of person before but i stopped it bcause it's not good, really…heheh

    Happy CC and take care

  3. yap,you're right..although minsan gusto ko rin na medyo magselos ng konti ang asawa ko.I believe he gives his 100 percent trust in me like yours to your hsuband and vise versa.

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