Faith,  My Family

My Day With My Little Rascal

The closest cousin of Mj, Dodong just celebrated his birthday today, so I decided to tell my sister Merlyn to spend her day together with her son, I was left with Faith at home. So far we enjoyed our bonding here although sometimes Faith was becoming pain in a butt, just like when I was in the computer, trying to concentrate what to write in my blog, there she goes tapping the keyboard. So I gave it a quit, I let her took a nap but suddenly I fell asleep as well since I slept too late last night. Imagine I slept at 4:00 a.m., because I found out that there is something wrong in my Mary Anne’s Musings account, the text of my header was not properly aligned so as I am not technically inclined yet wanted to figure out how to adjust it and or edit the code, I stayed up all night. I could not sleep also so instead having a headache trying to close my eyes; I opened my mini laptop and started to look for the right code.

So as long as Faith went to her slumber early this afternoon, I also hit the bed for two hours, good thing she was also tired from running around the house and took a nap for hours as well. When she woke up and took her lunch, I also plug the magic sing and started to select the title of the songs I wanted to sing but how I could do that while my little rascal here wanted to be carried or trying to poke my eyes. I had to stop before I got hit so badly, so we ended up waiting for her Ate Mj and Ate Mariel to arrive from school so they could look after her while I was cooking our dinner.


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