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Kids In Their Coffins

After the massacre that happens in Southern Mindanao another brutal news I heard the other day from Sister Merlyn. Kids were murdered inside their house and the eldest sibling who is a teenager was raped. Their mom was out of town, they have some crops that needed to harvest in Leyte so she asked her eldest daughter to man the house and take care of her youngest brothers while she is out in a few days, the kids asked her of any pasalubong a Kalamay perhaps, but when the Mom arrived at their house in Panabo, she was so stunned of what she saw, her three kids in their coffins.

The neighbors heard loud shout from the eldest daughter at 1:00 a.m., but they ignored it since it was cut out. They thought it was not serious at all, sigh, if they just checked what’s the commotion all about, they might saved the kids from the culprit. Their father is working abroad and cried so hard over the phone when he knew about it.

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