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Down To 36.7

When I woke up this morning I checked my youngest daughter temperature immediately, I was so terribly shocked when I found out that she was too hot already and that she reached the 39 flat degrees Celsius, I was so really worried. I looked for her Paracetamol quickly so for her to take it, she refused it at first as she was in a deep sleep when I got her up yet I have to persist her so she will get better at least, although I was already planning to send her to the hospital, probably let her be admitted so she would recover right away, since it has been 3 days when she had fever and it would only subside after an hour then her temperature rise up an hour before her medication.

She was sweating all the way right after the medication, and her fever continues to go down before 10:00 a.m. She began to be active again, she ran back and forth in the kitchen with her Kuya Yanyan, if she doesn’t like to be bug by everyone early this morning and she gets near to no one except me, later on she love to get the attention of my two sisters, she was slowly starting to bug everyone around her again. Thank God she is doing alright now, I don’t have to deal the echoing cries of Faith if she would be admitted in the hospital, it terrifies me a lot even just to imagine it. I already have enough when Mj was diagnosed of a dengue fever and it really get into my nerve, if I could avoid it, I will never, never send my kids to the hospital unless if they will have a desperate case that I don’t have any choice but to send them in.


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