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Couples Corner : Kiss and Make up

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So tired and so busy today, Faith has been sick since Tuesday, she had a fever and it reach up 38.5 I haven’t enough sleep since last night, good thing she took a nap this afternoon and I had time to rest a while too.

Every time we have arguments, my husband is always the one who will makes a way to settle the problem down so for me to be at ease. And as I am a type of person who would forgive easily so we don’t have arguments that take too long, especially when my eldest daughter would tell me to talk to Dad because she doesn’t want Faith to grow up without the care of a Father. I know she is just being silly to say those things, maybe she cared for her sister too much and that she doesn’t like Faith to be like her. And don’t get me wrong I have no plans to be quiet all along with my husband, it is just sometimes I need to be alone to think of things that somehow hurt me because of what happen which I realized at the end Terry doesn’t plan those things to happen.

Kiss and make up would be just easy if both of you are contributing to reach out, it is just a matter of talking and clarifying things around, as Terry and I always did.


  • Mom of Four

    Terry is a great guy, I don't think he would plan on leaving you and Faith. He knows what you have gone through.

    Actually, after a little fight, being alone for a while is the best, you have to cool down and the anger needs to subside before you talk. Para walang sigawan or anything else di ba? You are so lucky na very understanding si Terry, well, if it's not your fault, there's nothing to be sorry about, but, you can always talk to him and can kiss and make up di ba? who knows, it might lead to something rally romantic. oh ha!

  • Dhemz

    waaaa…pretty well said….:) sos woi kani laging buhay sa minyo…ehehhe..daghan bumpy roads….:)

    na maau paka kay dali raka ako kay dugay kaau ko maulian…lol!

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