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Precious And Happy Moments For Her

As you all know Terry and I have two beautiful daughters. And as we watch them grow, we try to record each of their milestones. From the very new video of Faith and photos of MJ I have posted here, we try to record each special occasion, the first Christmas, their birthdays and christening to MJ’s swimming lesson and all of her school programs.As the girls get older we will do our best to keep a video and photo record of them, that they in turn will be able to share with their kids. In a couple of years MJ will be graduating from elementary and entering Junior High School and then she will follow-up with the scary world of High School itself.

In high school, she will attend her first dance and her first Prom. As any high school kid knows, the Prom is a really big thing and having the best prom dresses really will be noticed. So when we help MJ select what prom dress to wear, we want to make sure it s elegant and stylish. We want her to have the perfect dress for her Prom and to make it very special occasions.

But of course, her decision will still be followed, I am just here to give her suggestions about prom dresses and such, I guess there are a lot of selections for prom dresses it is either in a store mall or online shops and she would be confused about what to choose, in the contrary I am sure she knows what she wants and she would picked up what suits for her taste.

Soon after the Prom will come graduation, college and then, if she finds the right man, marriage. Sometimes, Terry thinks it would be nice for MJ or Faith to wear my wedding dress, but I think that the girls should pick out their own wedding dresses. For me, my wedding dress is special, but I would certainly not object to them wearing it and making it a family heirloom. They must be the ones to choose the wedding dress that they want and will cherish.

I know I may be dreaming about how I want the kids to prosper and to record all their big moments and life’s milestones. We have too little time to spend with them as infants and toddlers. They soon grow to school age and before we know it, they will be asking for that Prom and then Wedding dress. Sometimes I wish time could be frozen in a moment of happiness that is why I will do my best to capture these precious moments in video of in a photo. I can’t wait to take the photo of MJ in her Prom Dress.

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