PBWeekend 5 : At My Father’s Tomb


I thought we won’t prepare foods for All Souls Day since I ran out of money already, I mean I have some but that would be enough for our everyday expenses here at home, our electric bill increased this month so I am really trying to tight my budget, especially that Faith have to undergo again for vaccination and I have to pay the carpool of MJ this week on the day, the class will resume.

Good thing that sister Irenie had a little money to spend for this occasion, she message me if I could accompany her to the grocery store, I was with Mj and her cousin Dodong at that time and we were at the other mall waiting for my friend to come by, I replied back to wait for us since I have to let my friend borrow for my dress on her wedding day.

To make the story short we were able to bring food at the Cemetery and spare some to my father, we only put it on top of his tomb. We had the kids with us, I realized now that my family is getting bigger with the kids around unlike before we were only four when we visit father on his tomb. Faith was so noisy while pointing the sky and said “Mumu” that means ghost, she jokingly even created a howling sounds like dog does when they saw unusual things, we laugh at how she would try to scare the big kids who surrounded her at that time.

Me and my Niece Mariel

Me and my Niece Moreen

Faith and her two Ate

Sister and her son

Me and my lovely daughters

Sister Merlyn and Faith
a little bit scared here huh?
Dodong is not again in the Picture
I guess he was so busy catching the flame in the candle

20 thoughts on “PBWeekend 5 : At My Father’s Tomb

  1. that is what I miss every halloween, foods and going to the cemetery with relatives.

    have a nice day, anne

  2. Buti pa kayo Ann you had great time visiting your lost love ones to the cemetery. Namimiss ko na yan,

    Visit mine too, it already up

  3. Sometimes going to our dearly departed's tomb is also a great way for relatives to see each other..

  4. Wowowowow what a nice PBW,.. Ang sarap pag nagkakasama sama ano Anne.

    Mine is at Nostalgic marveling blog

  5. Hi Eden, yeah kaya lang inulan kami ng gabing un kaya we were not able to visit my uncle's tomb wahhh

  6. exactly right peachskins thats the only time for reunion weehh I am looking forward for us to meet again knowing we are only 9 relatives here

  7. Hi anne,

    last time ive been in the cemetery was 9 years ago na, most of our relatives kasi are buried in Palawan, and now based na kami abroad kaya hanggang our way of remembering the dead is through buying yellow flowers na lang.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  8. Thanks for dropping by darly I feel for you our mom lies in the province kaya we can only flowers for her na lang din

  9. im sure your kids enjoyed the UNdas.. i missed it again. Parang look alike mo din mga nieces mo.

    eto naman ang halloween namin

  10. hahaha bam agree ako jan lol talagang ang mas strong ang blood namin kaya ang mga anak sa side din namin nagmana lol

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