One Of The Closest I Have Now

It was Veteran’s day in the US, and my husband was a bit late for our usual chat time on weekdays, I went out to pay my insurances and dropped by to my friend’s house, we actually agreed to have fun with videoke. My other friend came a little bit late since she worked at night time, she was the one who hosted my wedding day, actually all the big event that occurs in my life, from the thank you party down to the big event that just happen this year.

Needless to say, she is always there for me to turn my simple party to a great one, with her beautiful voice that captures the heart of my visitors, I have nothing to ask for. She is always the great singer for me, my all time favorite and I am just so lucky that she is also my friend, one of the closest I have now.

6 thoughts on “One Of The Closest I Have Now

  1. oi more of this girl singing beh.. grabi ug tingog mura ug pro oi lupigan man sheryn regis ani. cge na ba more videos pa natural kaau ug tingog mura ug ka concert nila diha kada Dominggo sa channel 3.

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