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PB Weekend # 7: Birthdays

Last November 19 I attended a birthday party of my friend Cheryl, it was a simple celebration, her friends from the call floor came over, her friends from the church arrived too and your’s truly.

The birthday girl and her workmates

On November 23, one of my sister’s closest friends here in our subdivision invited us for her son’s birthday party. Sister went there first and we just followed, Faith meet a friend on our way there and when we arrived at their house, she was giggling with too many kids playing in the front yard.

My little Faith met a new friend in the street

Kids waiting for their share of spaghetti hehehe

Came November 29, sister’s turn to spend some bucks for her son’s birthday party, relatives came over and their friends, we had a blast! And sad to say I am out of diet again, I can feel my pants tightened in my waist again, I need to exert more effort to exercise and lose weight, how I wish I could do that with just one blink of my eye, indeed a cat makes life fun.

Faith and her bestfriend Dodong

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