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Couple’s Corner : Misunderstanding

Rodliz’s Nest

In our three years being together, I could only remember one misunderstanding that for me it was really a big issue, it was when we agreed he would come on March this year to arrange our wedding supposedly on June, he did not came because he had a bronchitis and if the fever would continue it would fall into Pneumonia, I even argue him being sick when his flight is approaching but there is no one to be blame, nobody wanted him to be sick like that.

But this is only I could proud of about my husband because he never argue with me, whatever I tried to push him to fight back he won’t do it, he sometimes said sorry why this thing happens and that was not resolved as soon as possible, Terry and I, is so mismatch, I am aggressive when it comes to decision making, I want this and that to settle fast while he is taking it step by step, he want to assure that, things are alright before making any decisions.


  • Chie Wilks

    you are so lucky too have a husband like your hubby dear sister…and of course he is lucky for having u too or else ala ng tatalak hehehhe

  • Mom of Four

    Aba, kabait naman ni hubby mo, ayaw ng argument, iba rin ah. Si Rodney din anman ayaw ng argument, kaso kapag minsan medyo tumatapang ako eh, kaya medyo umaalma din. Masarap ba ang feeling na hindi man lang sumisigaw ang hubby?

  • eds

    pansin ko sa mga hubby natin ang babait nila.. pasensyoso tlaga.. naku ha isa ka sa super lucky sa mga napangasawa.. 🙂

    Ate liza di rin masyadong masarap un di umaalma hehe.. kasi like me tahimik si habibi minsan ang hirap basahin ng iniisip nia. me tampo na pala sia pero sinasarili pa un ganun eh taung mga babae mentras tahimik un inaargue eh lalong nagsisiklab hehe. para kasing pinasok sa kabilang tenga lumabas sa kabila un sinasabi mo eh .. haha

  • texas_sweetie

    ingon ana raba na mga puti day. dili na sila gusto mo argue man maminaw rana sila nimo bisan gud cguro nagbukal nana sila sa sulod.

    ako bana hagdon gani nakug mag buno mi ingnan lang ko niya ay uli didto pinas pakigsumbagay didto imong mga igsoon laki kay kahibaw mana siya sa ako kalaki sa amoa sauna nga mag ginukuray ug sundang, mga buta hapit gani sahay kay magsinumbagay!

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