A Family Friend

A friend came over to the house just today and we had so much fun chit chatting about our whereabouts, they were a family friend and we live in the same roof when I was still in high school, we surely miss each other since it has been a while that we never seen each other. We had our lunch at home, my brother-in-law cook us his specialty the beef steak, but it was so funny because they requested a bagoong and a fish.

And because we were so excited and we laugh each other’s joke, I forgot to take some pictures so I guess I have to pass the PB weekend by for today. It was funny because I didn’t mind to finish my opp and when I open the paid site today, it was not offer to me anymore, well there is no price tag for having fun with someone you have missed, it is nothing compare the enjoyment you feel when you are just talking to them. I hope this reunion would happen again soon, probably on my nephew’s birthday on November 29.

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