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What’s going on?

I am so disappointed this evening aside from I really wanted to sleep early so I could run my errand tomorrow morning, an opportunity offered to me. I immediately wrote it though that means I have to let Faith sleep at the same time, shaking her crib so she could go back to her slumber. It is so odd because after I submitted my post, it went back to “take this opportunity” status, as I thought it would allow me to submit it again, I click the status but to my disappointment, they put me back to que.

What’s going on? Is there anyone here who experienced the same thing? If there is please tell me what to do to submit my post. I supposed to sleep 2 hours ago already but because of the offer I might have a very sleepy orientation tomorrow. Anyway, goodnight folks, I hope I could get a reply from customer love, aaargghhss!

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