How Much Help A Person Could Do To Make One Better

I used to hold my patience before when someone would argue with me, I used to just be silent when someone would hurt me by their words, I used to just sat down in the corner and let the time passes by when I was insulted. What gave me strength was that I know God was always with me and will shield my pain and disappointments.

Well, people are just radical, they would change, maybe because its time to defend oneself so to gain respect from the people around you. But some people don’t understand that you have changed, the worst they would justify you are being the cold or the careless one. They didn’t see what things that you have done because they want more and when you are restricting them of abusing you, they would think that you are not helping at all.

Now, I’m wondering how much help a person could do to get other people satisfied. How long could one be silent for this stuff so he could prove that he is a good person? What makes man a good person anyway? Is it doing nothing to defend himself or is it accepting all the hurting words you have thrown on him so to make you feel you are right?

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