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Couple’s Corner: First Year Of Being Married

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Well, I just got married this year, so I guess I have to edit the title, I think it should be first week of being married because five days from the wedding was his flight back to US, the first week was good we had so much fun with the kids in the pool eventhough we found out that the toilet bowl that was broke charge us P8,000 pesos.

But even though we just got married yet we feel like we’re married for three years from the day we met online especially the day when we saw each other in person, the thoughts of him, chatting me everyday or sending me a message in my phone while I was at work and on the day I delivered Faith, his very first new born baby. And even though we are only together twice every year his care and love were never ceased, I guess I am already spoiled by his being thoughtful and his never ending patience with my being so stubborn.

Anyway, I’d like to show you some pictures from before and now:

First Meeting

February 2008

August 2008

April 2009

September 2009

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  • Mom of Four

    Hehehe, Miss anne, yung title naman eh general, kasi nga iba iba ang sitwasyon natin di ba? Ang gaganda ng mga family pictures nyo ha.

    Kapag magkasama na kayo ni Terry, yugn talagang 24/7 365 days a year, hehehe..balikan natin tong mame na to, and hopefully by that time, may maidadagdag ka ng more experiences oh ha.

    From the beginning of your story, parang nakilal ako na rin asawa mo through your description of him, parang super sweet, calm at thoughtful, and all I can say is, lucky you, love him and take care of him..ehhehehe, siya na ang kinampihan eh noh? u can't get lucky all the time, kaya take care of your luck, and keep it with you forever.

  • eds

    wow anne.. parang as time flies nagmumukha kang dalaga.. hmmm.. talagang i can tell na ur both in love kasi blooming kau pareho ng hubby mo.. Nice post 🙂

  • chubskulit

    Blooming ka nga sis hehehe.. Super hirap talaga ang separation but as long as you love each other, you will manage to get through it..

  • Manang Kim

    Hello Anne, congratulations to you and to your husband. Being married is not on how many years you are together but how much you spend together as a couple. There will come a time when we as a couple will face trials in life so hard sometimes you think of getting out. But communication is a key, love, respect, trusting and commitment is the secret and praying to God for the relationship is the anchor of our married life.
    You look a happy couple, enjoy each day together. ^_^

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  • shydub

    Hi Anne, i enjoyed looking at your picsand reading your 1 week,,… Well, soon you will be together and im sure when that time comes nag expire na ang mga away puro sweetness nlng hehe


    I did see your post already ann, but I forgot to leave acomment,hehehe.. its very interesting inyo love story uy. when love is real distance no objection.

  • acmumcee

    I enjoyed your pics, sis.. you are indeed so lucky to have a wonderful and sweet husband.. hold on to it and cherish it, as what ate liz said..

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