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The Thoughts About Marriage

I was stunned with the news today, well it has been speculated even before the fight that Manny Pacquiao have an affair with a young actress name Krista Ranillo, I did not believe it as first because I thought that she is a conservative type of gal and she is too young yet to be involved with this issue. But when I watched the gestures of Jinky the wife of Manny in the TV while they had the thanksgiving Prayer in Vegas, she seemed like she doesn’t want to be comforted with her husband when she cried during the sermon of the Priest.

I know, it is none of my business to give my opinion about the issue, it’s their life anyway and I guess Manny had been married to his wife a long time now and even he was link to a lot of women, he remain at his wife side. But is that really what marriage has to be? Though you had been betrayed several times as long as your husband is in your side, you just keep your mouth shut and won’t give a damn to investigate if he is really involved with another woman? Isn’t it marriage should be based by trust and loyalty? Without those two factors would you believe that your marriage still work? Marriage is full of trials and tests but it cannot cope alone when the two of you is not working to make the marriage a successful one, how long should one endure all the pain in silent when you know he is with another woman?

This issue reminded me of my sister’s friend whom her husband had an affair with their helper at home, all the neighbors knew what her husband has been doing when she is out to work, but she remain blind and silent about it. She already had proofs that her husband was just trying to make a fool of her but she still love him, martyr as she was she even served him in the hospital until he died.


  • ♥Willa♥

    ganon? oh well, nagagawa talaga ng pera, imagine mo si manny hindi naman guapo, pero dahil marami syang pera kaya kahit sinong babaeng magustuhan nya, for sure papatulan sya bec of money and the fame that comes with it.

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