Getting Fat,  So Full

I Am So Full

I am so full and I feel like heavy yet I am still craving for food that my brother in law cooked tonight, he cooked the simple paksiw but it turned out so tasty and yummy. I wished not to take our dinner but who can resist the smell of this food?

I wanted to eat more, but when I looked at my tummy, it is already bulging out, I need to stop very soon before it would explode, the firmer is beside me but I am doubting to wear it since I am sure I could not breath the firmer restraint on my abdomen. How I wish the gym is near our house so I could go there everyday and or anytime I want, I might have a slender body at this moment.

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  • imelda

    hahaha you are like me sis. i have restraints on eating because i dnt like a bulging tummy. i dont have time to exercise thats why so i eat less.

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