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PBWeekend # 6: Be Prepared


Be Prepared:

Can you tell yourself you are prepared and is ready now for the world to end, what if tomorrow comes and you are already surrounded by flood and there is nothing to cling on for yourself to be saved.

That was the homily of the priest yesterday, right after I attended the meeting at school, we headed to the church nears at my niece school, we did not went to mall since I am so tired and I slept again last night.

Moving on, it is in the book of Mark: Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass.

So when he said he would be back in the time that we won’t know, is your faith ready to receive his righteousness? I cannot say I am because I am concerned of my kid’s safety, how could I save them while you cannot even save yourself? I know if we have a faith we will never go wrong, we will all be saved. I hope I know when would be the end of time so I can be more prepare, but God only knows when is the time and when that time comes, I wish I could say “Yes I am ready”

Faith and sister Irenie at church

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