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Off To School

Exam is again fast approaching I have to be hurry now to go to school so I could also catch up with Mj’s lunch time, and pay the tuition fee as well. I also have to drop by at my niece so I could pay her tuition as well.

And when I get back, I would take my afternoon nap, I can’t wait to have that since I was not able to take a nap yesterday due to the fact that Kuya James is watching the Pacman’s fight with Cotto, I could hear him screaming for excitement, so I decided to watch TV with him and sister Irenie, though we already knew he would won because I have read it in Facebook congratulating Pacman’s success in defeating Cotto, and yeah he eventually won at 12 rounds, congratulations Pinoy!

So anyway I have to go now and see you in my other blogs later!


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