Great Family Bonding

Yesterday, I noticed that the bike of my eldest daughter was stored only at the back of our house, Mj asked me to have the wheels repaired, it need some air. But I was so lazy to send it to repair shop and now I noticed that it got stained at all.

She only used the bike for two days after I bought it but because sister was also using it, the wheels got damage that instant and I forgot to send it immediately to the repair shop, Mj was bugging me about it but she stopped since I always said later, I might have it repair one of these days. I might buy a beach cruiser bike for me too so Mj and I will have a little bonding through biking at the beach, if Faith will know how to bike soon, I would also buy one for her and altogether, we will go biking, and that would be a great family bonding.

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