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A Bit Busy Yesterday

Mj and I were a bit busy yesterday, we woke up early in the morning to attend supposedly the orientation in Kumon Tutorial for math and reading, since Mj is a bit ok with Math we have to concentrate on her English comprehension, sure she knows how to read but sometimes she cannot understand what she reads.

We went to her school first to get her report card, and she improves with the subjects that I kept on reprimanding her about, I thought I would problem the same subjects again but thank God it was not, though she was struggling with Filipino. Well, we just have to strive more not only with Civics and Science or Filipino but all of her subjects.

On the other hand, we were a bit late with the orientation but I was able to inquire with the schedules and some strong points that they have to motivate the kids, I would attend the orientation again on Friday for more information, I hope we can get the schedule that we want on the other center.

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