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I Will Be Back

I have promised hubby that I have to minimize in using my computer and would concentrate on Mj’s study, and Faith. I have to really help her especially in Civics and Science since it is the most difficult subjects for her. I have a tutor for her but I think if you won’t make a follow up on her studies, it would also be wasted.

I also visited the Kumon Tutorial for Math and Reading today too and I have to go for orientation this coming Saturday at 10:00 a.m., so maybe right after I would get the report card of Mj, I would attend the orientation, the enrollment is quiet expensive and the fee every month has the same cost with her tuition fee, but well, we have to close our eyes with that since I guess she really need more assistance.

As I really want to stay here and read all your post but I just can’t she is done with her dinner now and I have to review all the subjects that she and her tutor discussed this afternoon, as well I have to see her lessons today. I will be back when we’re done.

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