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Couple’s Corner # 5: The Day We Said I Do

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It was January of this year that we decided not to pursue with the fiancée visa and would marry here instead, so when he came here on April, we immediately started the preparation. We paid half of the total cost for our reception, we had our interview at the church and paid the whole amount, we also paid some of our entourage and etc., when he went back to the US, if I earned some from blogging, I would deposit it to some of our suppliers. It is not that he won’t give me money for that but I was the one who insisted on paying for it, so for me to feel that I am not useless and I contributed some.
Moving on, it was like three weeks to go before the wedding, my friend Clarinda was bugging me what were the things that I already done for the big event, as I was busy farming at that time in my Facebook account, I asked her to wait, when I am done harvesting some crops, I answered her rapidly that I have done nothing yet, except with deposits and all stuff but with calling some suppliers or what other things to prepare like giveaways, invitation cards, hair clips, jewelries, candles, those were out of my mind. So she has to bug me over and over again for me to stop what I was busy with.

On the other hand, when everything was set and I was just waiting for Terry to arrive on September 6th, just 4 hours to go before his flight, he was asked by his boss to postpone his trip because something happened in the office. He called me then and told me about his situation, I was like what? I can’t process the license without him and it is supposed to be 10 days before we can’t get it and submit it to the church. I was upset, I really didn’t like to talk to him that night, I even told him to call me after he got his problem settled. But during that time, a friend of mine popped out in my mind, and I know she can help me with my problem.

Moving on, Terry made it one week before our wedding and we were so busy sending our invitations out to my friends, we’ve met the florist, we had a meeting for the reception in charge, and we have to buy some other things for the groomsmen and all that stuff. Later did I know, I was already worn out and so stressed that I got some allergies in my face, it was too late to treat that because the wedding would already be set by tomorrow.

To make the long story short, all went well and after like two days after the wedding, my allergies were gone.


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