Getting Fat And Ugly

That is what I told my hubby, I am getting fat and ugly and so bored here at home, not to mention that it is so hot in here in our place, I even could compare it to a desert. I can’t turn the aircon on not until the other bedroom is not using the aircon anymore; our electricity bill is already up to my neck at all.

I took a nap this afternoon when I can’t bear my headache anymore, I noticed lately if I would stay long hours at my other computer in the kitchen, I would be so tired and would get a sudden headache. Though I just had my bathe, I immediately hit the bed to rest myself from the cyber world. I woke up with Faith’s voice, she tried to imitate my sister’s words in the other bedroom, they were reading the ABC, Faith could utter some words like Octopus, Umbrella, Flower, Butterfly although she can’t speak it out properly, I had fun listening to how she spoke those words. When I went out in the bedroom, Kuya James cooked some snacks and you know what it was? It was the mouth watering “Minatamis” so I took some and didn’t notice I already ate a lot. My back is aching, I think I needed to get some exercise or go back with my aerobics exercise, perhaps twice a week would help me to get over with fats and be slim once again.

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