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PB Weekend : The Usual Weekend


We had a great weekend, I must say, my friend invited me to go to their house to videoke on Saturday but we ended up just chitchatting about things and stuff, I brought Mj with me and so she had fun playing with her two nieces. On our way home since sister’s house is just also inside that village, we dropped by and see my other niece, my sister is in our house, looking after Faith. My eldest daughter had sometime talking to her favorite cousin Dodong and her Ate Moreen, since they are alone at home, and it was almost dinner that we went there, I gave them money for their dinner, Moreen is 14 years old and sure she can handle things already inside the house, just like what I was before, my sisters since we don’t have parents gave me the task to man the house and do the cleaning and laundry.
Came Sunday, I prepared the kids for church and they were so happy, my youngest daughter even kissed me on our way to the church. Faith can’t be still during mass, she wanted to roam the area or swing herself in the railings, the man on our side couldn’t believe that she can handle herself well in the railings although I was there to hold her other arm but she protested and doesn’t want me to hold her. After church, we went to the mall for lunch then we headed to the grocery to buy some snacks for Mj at school.

Mj and her cousin Moreen at their house

Faith gave me a quick kiss

My kids were so happy


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