Driving Lesson,  Masteral Course

Will I Enroll Myself or Not?

I had been contemplating to enroll for driving lessons, my hubby had been asking me to inquire but I didn’t do it excepts today because the friend of my brother-in-law just came to visit him this morning and he told us that the cost of each session would be P480.00 per hour. We asked him if we could find that is cheaper than the cost he told us, he said that it is already the cheapest one, well I am not yet inquiring with other school so let’s see if I would pursue with the driving lesson or not. I mean P480.00 is a bit expensive; I would rather take a masteral course than taking a driving lesson though I really need to learn how to drive.

On the other note, I also have to inquire how much would be the enrollment for masteral course and what masters to take, my friend suggested a business advertisement but I am still trying to think about it, well I don’t even know if I am ready to go back to school yet, will I still pass the course just like before? Can I still compete? It has been like how many years that I didn’t went back to school since I graduated in college and I don’t know if I could still cope up with research, studies or doing my assignment, though my husband is very supportive and he assured me that I could make it. Well, I hope I could learn how to drive as well as to pass my masteral course, I hope to take both but I know I only have to choose only one. Hehehe


  • Dhemz

    sis ayaw nalang..dre nalang ka magtuon…kay lahi bya kaau ang laws dire when it comes to driving….

    tapos lahi pod ang speed limit dire…wait nalang when you get here…it is up to you man sad nuon…pero mao na akong suggestion….dre nalang enroll…:)

    salamat tuod sa support sis..will continue the competion…bahala na woi…manalo matalo..basta we know na walay nag cheat sa boto ni AKesha….

    sayunan ka nga ang 45 ug 62 ilang boto sis kay hapit na mag 500…mabuang ko bayot….hahahhaha!

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