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I Met My Online Friend

When we were on our to Cebuanna Lhullier yesterday for my friend Clarinda had to send some money to her friend, I saw someone who is so familiar, she was also staring at me and when we recuperate everything where we two meet, we both uttered the word “you know what, you look so familiar” and then I said “Mai?” and she answered “Yah and you Mary Ann, right?”

We were friends like one year now, our first chat was in Visa Journey then we exchange YM id’s and from then one we often chat about anything, yes we’re in the same city but I guess this city is so huge that we just can’t see each other until well, yesterday when we bumped each other in the street. I hope to meet her again soon at least before she would fly in Manila for her interview since we only talked like a couple of minutes and we had many things to catch up yesterday and she also have to pay her visa in BDO.

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