Couples Corner # 4: Marriage Proposal

Well, every time we chat we already talking about how and when to get married so there’s really no marriage proposal that happened, he even show me the engagement ring that he bought 2006 of December and after like three times of trying to get here, he finally made it on May 21, 2007.

On the way to our hotel, he immediately gave me my engagement ring, the only ring that I wore since then, I never wore any ring before that one so the ring that my hubby gave me is my only treasure, well except now because I already have our wedding ring and I promise to wear it for the rest of my life.

So we applied for fiancée visa right after he went back to Maryland, we plan to have a child when I and Mj get there but it was change since I got pregnant immediately. I was so scared to let him know that I am pregnant with him; hence no one can blame me of feeling that way because I already have traumatic experience with my eldest. The guy went away even before Mj was born, so I was feeling like what if? Could I still be strong enough to be alone again?

In the contrary, Terry made me feel secure, right after I message him that I was pregnant, he called me immediately, my phone went off and I have to recharge it but then I fell asleep since I just got home from work that day, you see he was sleeping that night his time when I message him, it was day time here but I need to sleep since I work night shift as a call center agent. When my phone was recharge, I was not able to open it like 9 hours, when I open my phone I only got 10 messages telling me that I don’t have to worry about because he would always be here even we are not married yet. When he called me again after tons of miscalls from the time I went asleep until 9:00 p.m. in the evening here, he told me he was not able to sleep because I did not reply any of his messages and did not answer my phone.

Even he was not here when I was pregnant and I decided to put the papers on hold, he never failed to let me feel that I am so special, he never failed to respond of my baby’s needs including the vitamins of Faith, he was the one who provide that for me of course with the approval of my OB. My fear of trusting myself to someone slowly faded when he showed me what real love is, he is always there for me and I know it will be forever.

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  1. Miss Anne, I can understand your fear of telling him that you were pregnant, since you had a bad experience. But, luckily, this time, you found the right person to love you for what and who you are. In every relationship, doubts cannot be avoided, but Love can surpass that when it's pure and sincere.

    Now, you won't have any doubts at all, since he proved to you that he loves you and Mj. Lucky girl, you….Love your story, wait ko ang ext week, although nai post mo na ito sa previous posts mo, hehehe!

  2. Wow…sure najud to imong hubby dear sis na you are really the one even before he met you in person…you are both blessed to have found each other…you both are perfect pair…

    OO sis, dli lang kay nangurog ko pagpropose ni hubby naku..wa jud ko kaistorya…sobra pa sa kulba myheart..heheheh Makapaguwa jud sa atong tinud-anai nga gibati ni nga meme…

  3. woww anne, you are so blessed, buotan kaayo si Terry. God bless always.

    about atong potato scallop naay recipe ato sa link, just click sa potato scallop. sayon ra kaayo to buhaton..

  4. Hahaha lagi chie, makabuang ni nga meme bah maski gud kapoy ko hala padaun gihapon ko sa pagkayab sa akong gibati wahhh lol

  5. oh my….yayaye! dami nyo na palang na experienced sis ano….

    I know that you're one of the luckiest girl on earth….haba ng hair mo…wohooo!

    buti dpa na sundan si faith ngayon….ehhehehe…joke!

    nice ring…pwede paulos….hehehhee….:)thanks sa support sis!

    btw, I would like to ask a favor if you could help us vote for my daughter…if you have time….your help is much appreciated….thanks!

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