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The Best of Lucks For Her

I am a little bit upset today, not upset because one of my friend will be going away again, I am upset because until now we cannot decide yet where to go, yes we had been talking about what place to settle in but we did not still submitting any requirements for us to start. I know we have things to prioritize first and I agreed with that in the first place but knowing that we are not moving not just yet, that really makes me very sad. He is miles apart from us, and I feel like days are so dragging yet it is so fast with everyone.

I was like “Wow!” that fast???” Thirty days, that’s it? They started on September 21 if I am not mistaken and she is on her way now for Interview this month, I was sitting here in front of my computer trying to recuperate everything, from the fiancĂ©e visa that we canceled because it was extremely dragging well we made amendments, I have to put that on hold to wait for my delivery but we didn’t expect that waiting for it would make us to wait for so long. So we decided to get married because more than anything we have to start a family, I know we already started it since the first time we met, but we have to do it official.

Anyway, I wish my friend the best of lucks, I know she had been through a lot and I know this would be the hardest from the first interview she had a long time ago, but I am sure she can make it with prayers and support from her friends and family, she has nothing to worry about.


  • Mom of Four

    Now that you and Terry are married, immigrant visa application can be applied. but it will take over a year for the processing to take effect. You will wait a little long, but it will come. Don't worry about it.

  • Dhemz

    korek si mami Liz…am sure someday soon…mag ka reunited narin ang buong clan….super exciting kaya yon…ehhehe!

    sensya na sis, now lang me nakadalaw ulit….been busy sa skul….

    btw, if ever you have time…..hope you can Vote for Akesha….your help is very much appreciated!

  • anne

    Hi Liz, yeah nakalimutan ko I have niece pala needed my attention also well she said she can be ready when she graduated in high school she can be ready when shes already in college ehehhe

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