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One Eyeglasses For Me, Please?

I was amazed when one of my friend told me that she cannot see clearly anymore, I didn’t believe her at first but one day when we were together doing some shopping, I saw our other friend towards us and told my friend about it, she abruptly told she didn’t saw her, until that friend was already in front of us.
Recently, she told me that her eyeglass was stolen and so I refer her to a $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses, her eyes almost bulge out because she was surprised the cost of it, it was so affordable! She exclaimed, and they got Holiday Fun Eyeglasses as well, that she could wear when she gets bored with her daily eyeglasses; she looks like a teenager when she would wear that. She is telling me then that she would order two pairs very soon.

Well, I don’t blame her for liking it too much as they got variety of selections and all of those are very trendy and so fashion, everyone in the world must love it and I can’t wait to tell her again that New Arrivals are available in Zenni, I am sure she would be crazy picking eyeglasses that she likes. I know this sounds funny but with their fashion stylist eyeglasses, I am aiming to have blurry visions so I could get one for me, Lol!

I am eyeing this eyeglasses when I get a blurry vision, hehehe

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