PBWeekend : A Gift


It was a midnight sale in the mall, so we grabbed the opportunity to go there and bought a gift for our neighbor who would tie a knot on Wednesday. Mariel went to artwork center to register for a contest, right after that she message me if I was already on my way so she could join me to the shopping mall.

After we visited like four malls to buy a violet foil for Mj for her to used on her Intrams this week, we were so exhausted and so darn sweating so we dropped by to eat our dinner and have refreshments, it’s a triple delight ice creams. We were so full and so we must pack up to see BFF just inside the mall.

And so BFF helped me choose what gift to buy, we agreed this kind of kitchenware, aside from it is so classy, the color is suit to the motif of my neighbor, I hope she would be happy with this gift.

20 Responses to “PBWeekend : A Gift”

  1. Enchie says:

    The gift is very nice. It will be very useful too. Great choice.

  2. anne says:

    thanks enchie hehehe sana she will like it

  3. SASSY MOM says:

    Very nice gift.. Im sure your friend would love it. Thanks for joining.

    Thanks for joining Pixelbug Weekend

  4. Chris says:

    wow! 😀 nice one…

  5. ♥Willa♥ says:

    yay! galing mo naman at talagang shopping kung shopping basta sale, ako naman, ayoko pag sale,kasi sobrang crowded at traffic pa, never ko pa talaga na experience mag shopping pag may ganyan kalalaking Midnight Sale, usually I shop pag regular sale lang.

  6. Kero says:

    i would love to have that on my kitchen counter!…..perfect for nuts or dippings or candies for the holidays.

    my first PBW is here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2009/10/pbw-last-look-at-summer.html

  7. My-Alter-Ego says:

    sarap ng ice cream sis 🙂
    and nice gift you got there..

  8. Lina Gustina says:

    Good choice. I'm so sure that she'll like it; because I like it,too. Hehehe…

  9. ♥peachkins♥ says:

    Nice dishes. I would love to get those as a gift.

  10. beakoluvko says:

    wow nice gift… i am sure she will love it.

  11. anne says:

    Hi sassy mom thank you for the comment and its always my pleasure to join this meme

  12. anne says:

    thanks chris

  13. anne says:

    hehehe willa laki kasi ng discount

  14. anne says:

    that was I thought for her she could use it for dipping or she could put chips on it hehehe thanks for the comment kero

  15. anne says:

    thanks alter ego

  16. anne says:

    Hi lina thanks for the comment we are still going to buy a wrapper for that

  17. anne says:

    hehhee hi peachskins ako nga eh parang ayaw ko nang ibigay? lol

  18. anne says:

    thanks bealoveku

  19. Clarissa says:

    What a nice present!!I'm sure your friend will love your gift!!Nice choice dear and soo drooled sa ice cream!!^_^

  20. anne says:

    Hehehe so excited today is here wedding clarissa