PBWeekend 4: At The Pool


Kids and I are so fond of water that is why we always drag Dad to the pool, he would join and play with the kids sometimes but there are times that he would be just our photographer. The last time he was here, he got some allergies on her wrist when he accompanied Faith to the pool one day at the hotel we rented.

Last Sunday was the extension of my birthday celebration, we went to Forest Hill Resort, my relatives and friends were there. And obviously we had a blast, especially the kids, they even get so tan right after were done, well can you imagine with the heat of the sun at 12 n.n., and they were already splashing and swimming in the water.

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16 Responses to “PBWeekend 4: At The Pool”

  1. Prettymom says:

    cute photos..

    seems like your kids really had fun..

    mine's also up 🙂

  2. SASSY MOM says:

    Sarap magswimming… lalo na't mainit sa Pinas. I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend. Have a great week!

  3. Rossel says:

    after ng bagyo mainit naman dito. di ko na talaga maintindihan ang weather ngayon. mabuti na lang maraming resorts kung saan pwedeng mag-spend ng weekend.

  4. chubskulit says:

    Wow sis bongacious naman ang yong bday celebration… Great pics!

    Mine is here

  5. Kero says:

    that was a grand birthday treat! looks like everybody had a great water fun!

    my entry is here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2009/10/pbw-al-nassma-camel-milk-chocolate.html

  6. ♥Willa♥ says:

    A swimming party regardless of the location or time is always so much fun!

  7. Yami says:

    Wow enjoy ang mga bagets mo sa pool. Miss na rin namin magswimming. thanks sa dalaw. 🙂

  8. My-Alter-Ego says:

    wow saya… miss ko na din mag swim… before, every weekend kami sa pool sa school lapit sa amin.. kaso nasisira yung hair ko sa chlorine :-p

    buti pa ang mga kids, walang keber, basta nag eenjoy sila, ayos na..

  9. anne says:

    they love water pretty mom wahhh

  10. anne says:

    Hi sassy mom, yeah ang init nga dito sa davao wahhh nakakapaso ang init ng araw aarrggh

  11. anne says:

    oo nga rosel though umulan kunti ng araw na un sige pa din ang mga kids

  12. anne says:

    hehehehe kasi we only have few relatives here in davao, only 9 i guess and only bdays, or occasions we could only meet up, kaya kahit medyo magastos we go,

  13. Mom of Four says:

    Ay ang ganda naman dyan. I bet everybody had a blast.. Dito kasi kapag summer meron lang kaming 1 time swimming sa mga water parks, kasi yung sister ni Rodney may swimming pool, dun lang namin dinadala ang mga bata. Cute ni Faith,naka lagay sa float, hehehe.

  14. Meryl (proud pinay) says:

    Great pictures…sarap naman mag swimming…at enjoy talaga ang mga chikitings ^_^

    btw, thanks sa visit…sorry medyo late na nagreply..medyo bc ang lola… ^_^

  15. Clarissa says:

    Faith really had a blast at the resort!!I can see it in her face that she really enjoyed a lot^_^

  16. anne says:

    Thank you rose, hehehe